Thursday, March 26, 2009

My new web site is LIVE!

Go check it out. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jacksonville Art Walk, April 1st

I'll finally be displaying at Art Walk beginning April 1st. For real this time! I have to be inside a venue since some of my work contains nudity and it took a little bit of time to finally get it all sorted out. I'll be inside the Hayden Burns Library, and I do believe upstairs, next to where my friend Pilar is performing.

I hope everyone can make it by to check out some new work that reflects the new trigger happy style!

And if you're a regular blog follower, head over to and follow me there. I'll soon be posting all my photography work there, and this will be used as more of a personal blog. Thanks!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

TILTing again, temporarily!

Back again for some TILT, cause I found some cool things this week! No promises that I'll be on time every week with this by any means... :)

This would purely be a splurge at $299 since I already have a 10 megapixel point and shoot with IS that I pretty well love, but how COOL would it be to take party pics with THIS?! It is true to the original Rolleiflex, complete with waistlevel viewfinder and the film advance crank. Of course it doesn't use film, but the crank is fully functional... you have to turn it to take the next pic! Available @ B&H.

I was at Barnes & Noble this evening, flipping through random design magazines, and originally I came home and typed in this site to look at the Alice glassware that was featured in an article I found. I have a random assortment of Marilyn Monroe and Ed Hardy glasses in the same shape; these would be an awesome addition! (moderately priced, too!)

But I kept clicking... and OMG I would have LOVED these as a kid! I do now!

And these would certainly make me want to drink more water!

I used to work for Benefit Cosmetics and we didn't have this when I was there, even though everyone asked for it. Finally, they've listened! Bad Gal Waterproof! This is hands down THEEEEEEE best mascara out there!

Yeah, I'm on a Rollei kick today. I had no idea they made these either. Supposedly they are around $8.99, but I can't find them online anywhere.

Way cool, modern, surreal, and "awe inspiring spectacles from around the world". I had a gift card that my ubernerd uncle gave me for Christmas that I'd almost forgotten about, so I picked up an issue. I'm going to the Dollar Tree tomorrow to pick up cheap frames... there's some stuff in here definitely worth clipping and sticking around my house!

This is something from there... I don't know, but he kinda reminds me of somebody I know. ;)

(my love.)

Featured on Crystal Velvet Weddings, UK Wedding Style Blog

It was just brought to my attention that one of my photos was recently featured on Crystal Velvet Weddings, a UK wedding style and inspiration blog! The theme for the post featuring my photo is "pure white" wedding accessories.

Awesome to know that those across the pond are checking out the trends from our side of the world, and my photography! :)

IMG_1963 copy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A cute photo from my wedding last weekend

I just reformatted my blog a bit to show bigger photos, so I thought I'd share my most recent favorite!

It had been two months since I last shot a wedding so it was weird getting back into the swing of things, but the whole wedding was fabulous and the whole bridal party was relaxed and fun! I shot my first wedding for Naomi Williams Photography last Saturday. The couple's daughter, Sloan, was the flower girl. She wanted to do anything BUT stop for pictures! She was about to take off out of the garden while we were shooting the ladies there right after the ceremony. How flippin cute is this?!

sloan 2

Super Cheap Wedding Photography Offer - Jacksonville & Destination Weddings!

I'm working on a brand new web site and I need a couple of kickass weddings for it!

Here's the (oh so sweet) deal! THIS OFFER IS EXTREMELY LIMITED and only couples planning a truly fun and untraditional wedding will be considered!!! Sounds like you? Read on!

If you are getting married SOON (between now and May), you are planning a unique, non-traditional, and otherwise awesome wedding, and you do not yet have a wedding photographer, let's talk! This is also a super deal for kickass couples on a tight budget. I will shoot your wedding day for a maximum of six hours and you'll get a CD of all your edited wedding day photos approximately 4-6 weeks after the event. You'll also get printing rights to all your photos. The cost? I'm simply charging a flat rate of $100 to cover the cost of making your CD and shipping it to you. I use UPS so it's slightly more expensive but worth it! Yeah, that doesn't quite add up to $100, but the leftover change is going to fund my web site (hey, these things aren't cheap! and did you see the preview yet?!), and I charge the current government rate for mileage to travel to your location(s) and back. Pretty simple huh! All you have to do is agree for your wedding day photos to be used on my website and in my marketing material!

TO BE CONSIDERED: Leave me a comment here, or send an email to, and tell me:

::your wedding date/time
::your wedding location
::your reception location
::your wedding colors, or "theme" , if any
::number of guests invited
::what exactly is going to set YOUR wedding apart from the rest??
::be sure to attach a photo of the two of you to your email!

Only really badass couples not afraid of untypical wedding photography and planning something truly cool need apply!

Feel free to repost or forward if you think anyone you know might be interested!

(A little side info: I am located in St. Augustine, FL but will travel pretty much ANYWHERE for your wedding if you're willing to pay the current mileage rate within driving distance, or airfare outside of my area.)

NE Florida Pro Photographers Posing Day

A couple of weeks ago when we had our superfun, girls-only photographer's meetup, Lyndsay and I chatted a bit about setting up a date for us all to get back together and practice posing techniques, as well as learn some new things. I'm willing to put together/host the next date, but I need a little input from you guys!

I think we deducted that we're all mostly portrait and wedding photographers, so I think it would be great to get an actual couple together to model for us, especially with the 2009 wedding season right in front of us! I'm sure Jess and I could talk to some of our past couples from Jess Cumbie Photography, or do any of you have any SUPERHOT couples that you've shot in the past and know would be down for it? OR I can head over to Model Mayhem and scout some people, but I think we're probably better off with past clients, since they've obviously been similarly shot before, and the brides most likely still have their dresses.

I'm interested in keeping it somewhat small again, maybe limiting the group to 10 or 15 photographers so as not to overwhelm the couple, and it would be a pro-only day. (I know, we still need to put together something for the fledglings, too!) The main focus will be practicing posing and interacting with your subjects, and it's a great time to try out some new poses you've been wanting to try. I'd love for it to be very hands-on and group-oriented, for example, everyone getting in there and posing the couple at least once or twice in their own style. I think Sundays work best for everyone right now. So how is Sunday, April 19th for you guys, if we can find a couple to model before then?

I'm also interested in putting together a Lighting Day to practice lighting techniques and learn or invent new ones. Would anyone else be interested in that as well?

Leave your comments and let me know what you think! Looking forward to getting back together with you all real soon!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My new web site! Sneak preview!

If this link works for you, please check it out and let me know what you think! It's just in draft stages right now so you'll occasionally see a little blue box that says "preview" float across the screen. Ignore it.

Yes, some of the content is older stuff that most everyone has seen already but I'm working on some awesome new stuff at the moment so eventually all that is going to be wiped out and replaced. Just something to look at for now!

Oh, and I guess I should mention... it does have BOOBIES, so if you're at work, make sure the boss ain't lookin! :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Letting the cat out of the bag... and some new ART FOR SALE!

I won't run off with a million boring details, but things are changing! Jess and I are restructuring Breaking Tradition Studios a bit to allow for a bit more freedom. I'm still going to be booking shoots with Breaking Tradition on a requested basis... so if you want a BT style shoot by me, we can still do it!

That said, with Dani's help, I'm nudging NFC Photography forward just a bit too. I'm restructuring things around here as well. NFC Photography will now be branching off as trigger happy (conceptual photography.) too. So as not to confuse everyone... I'm still shooting for the local music scene and all things "go" (automotive photography), and still shooting weddings for Jess, but trigger happy is being added on for my more artful and edgy work. Long story short, some of my recent work has just not found a place within Breaking Tradition Studios or even what NFC has become (rods & live rock n roll), hence the start of trigger happy. Everything trigger happy will be portraits revolving around real and surreal concepts, daydreaming... in sum, a visual "made you look" through creativity and the use of darkness and light and all it's encompassing values. I'll be producing a series of photographic art pieces that will be on display at galleries in northeast Florida beginning in June, and some pieces will also be available for purchase online and at Art Walk. I'm currently working on an actual web site now which will be up and running soon. Until then, here's the temp site (that I'm also still working on! doh!): Eventually I would love to invite in a revolving door of creative minds (other photographers, graphic designers, fashion designers, musicians, visual artists) to collaborate on projects that may eventually push trigger happy beyond just conceptual portrait and gallery art photography. It's all about exploration and not wasting your creative brain cells. (Science proves brain cells deplete regularly and they DO NOT reproduce!) :)

On the NFC side of things, I'll be moving a teeny bit forward with that too. I'll be accepting portrait and wedding commissions soon by me lonesome, which I was doing before just not very actively at all since Jess and I were so busy. I'm also now shooting weddings for award-winning wedding photographer Naomi Williams. I'm excited to shoot my first wedding alongside her associate, Megan, this weekend! As soon as my web site is complete, I'll be announcing new portrait and wedding investments.

For now... hang tight and check out some of the art I've been working on on the side. I have a new series called Burn, that will be debuting at Art Walk (Jacksonville) soon. These are one off pieces, you own the original! I won't be reproducing these images in the same way ever again. You can read more about and purchase the first piece in the series here.

Burn Series #1 trigger happy (conceptual photography.)

Hawarya @ The Pit, 3/7/09

Originally uploaded by NFC Photography
I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog, but here is a sneak preview of a set I'll be blogging about soon. Last Saturday I had the privilege of shooting my friend Oliver's band, Hawarya, at The Pit. (And WOW, The Pit has changed since I was there last year! Much nicer now and the sound is much better!) Here's the fabbb Oliver... I'll be posting more of the band soon. Oliver is not only a talented musician but a great photographer as well! Check out his Flickr photostream here.