Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goodwill Fashion, 9/25/08

I made an impromptu stop in at the Goodwill today to see what I might find. I ended up with an armload of retro-vintage goodies for under $20! Tomorrow's post will feature some of the other things I found for my home. Today I thought I'd go along with the trend of cutting people's heads off and cut my own off to show you my fashion finds. (I didn't even have to put makeup on for this one!)

I know I said I was gonna ditch the leggings, but now I have a reason to keep them. I picked up this stretchy lace shirt dress thing for 4 bucks. Googled the label and found out it's from a fairly expensive Spanish designer and would retail for about $120 brand new. (Athena had to help with this one.)

fashion athena

These shorts are just plain awesomeness in the form of polyester! I believe they were $4 too.

fashion shorts

Check back tomorrow for some more cool junk!


BH said...! I love a bargain. Did you know that leggings and stirrups are back in for the fall? ;)

Nice finds!

Jess Cumbie said...

HEY! I totally recognize that process!!!! it's my fav one! LOL