Monday, September 8, 2008

Stacy... and a new mini project!

I completely forgot about Stacy's shoot from a few weeks ago and they fell back in the "to be edited" folder. We were rushed so we didn't get many shots and decided to reschedule later.

Here is one of the original edits. Shot this one in my front yard with one strobe in a shoot-thru umbrella.

Here are a few more. We did these on my front porch.

stacy 3

stacy 2



On another note, I recently heard of a friend of a friend who had a photo class and one of the assignments was to do a self-portrait, but to try to duplicate a photo of a celebrity that they've maybe been told they looked like in the past, or just their favorite celebrity. (I think the main idea was to be able to nail the color and lighting in Photoshop.) I think this sounds like a fun little project but I need your help!

If you know me personally, leave me a comment and tell me which celebrity you think I most resemble! I've heard quite a few different ones in the past, and none of these people look alike to me so I'm not sure which one to go with.

Drew Barrymore...

Vivienne Leigh (how convenient...)

Lindsay Lohan...

and most recently, Carly Smithson, from American Idol's 7th season. (Let me insert here that I do not watch this show; it's not the least bit entertaining to me, despite how much I like music...)

So give me your feedback! Or if you think I look like someone entirely different, let me know who! I'm thinking about going with LaLo, just because we both have SO many freckles. :)


Jess Cumbie said...

OMG no not LaLo.... Carly Smithson acts a lot like you, and I personally think you guys look similar... not alike... face shape is similar, eyes, hair etc etc... I loved her on AI... because I happen to find the show entertaining! hahahaha....

On a side note... Drew is my fav female celeb of all time... so there will be no offense taken if you choose her over Carly... LOL

Tara, NFC Photography and Makeup Design said...

Really? Hmmm I may need to youtube some episodes or something. :)

BH said...

My 2 cents...

As you know Vivienne is a favorite, but that would be too obvious a choice for me.

I agree with Jess, you are sort of like Carly. (Yes I did watch AI. LOL)

Third choice would be Lindsay Lo, because of the eyes. But, that is all. Nothing else reminds me of you.

No way on Drew...I really don't think you even remotely look like her.

Tara, NFC Photography and Makeup Design said...

Really?! Everyone keeps telling me Drew.. :)