Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday, 9/18/08

Took Piglet to the beach this morning. She wanted to go surfing with her dad but the waves were crappy today we just hung out and took some pictures with a fisheye adapter that I borrowed from Nick.

pig beach 3

pig beach 2

pig beach

pig beach 4

I love how Dani looks so little boyish. (Yeah, one day I'll take pictures of something other than my dog and my husband! lol!)

dani beach

When I got back home I checked the mailbox and whaddya know... even MORE fun mail! My MOO cards came today!

moo cards

moo cards 2


Jess Cumbie said...

hahahaha... photos of dogs and husbands... hahahaha... our lives really DO parallel!!!

JEZZIKAzart said...

LOVE those cards! yea I take pictures of my dogs and the stuff around my house ALL the time...that's why i love taking cloud pics...their different every time!

JEZZIKAzart said...

piggy is so damn cute! :)

BH said...

Gotta love that funny little face! (And, no I didn't mean Dani. ;)) The first one is particularly cute. :)

Brought a smile to an otherwise crappy day. :) :)

BTW...I have a fisheye adapter. As soon as they send me the right step rings, I'll be able to use it. LOL :)

Donadio Photography said...

I use Moo cards too..they are so much fun!!! = )