Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Warm & Fuzzy Christmas!

Dani and I are heading up a donation drive to benefit the FL East Coast Humane Society this Christmas. I'll save you all the same old story about how thousands of unwanted animals end up in shelters each year and how much I love to do what I can to save one or at least just help one out. Rather I'm just going to beg of all of you to take 5 minutes out of your busy lives and clean out your linen closets, box up your old stuff and spend the few dollars to mail it to me.

Everyone likes to help out those in need around the holidays and sadly, many animals aren't even thought of. The least we can do is let them have a warm bed on Christmas Eve. Our goal is to collect at least one item for each kennel at the facility, plus extras to be distributed to the animals that may be in foster care with someone, or to be saved for future need. Please help us make it happen!

I am posting this everywhere I can think of. If you feel so inclined as to post this as a bulletin from your MySpace account, on your blog, or any message board, please do! I sincerely do appreciate everyone's help!

warm and fuzzy christmas

**The Humane Society is always in need of other items in addition to blankets and towels. If you are unable to help with the blanket drive, we are also accepting any donations of items on the Humane Society's Wish List, and of course they always appreciate monetary donations as well.

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BH said...

Wonderful cause. :)

Pets truly give us unconditional love for so little. :) :)