Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday, 9/10/08

Jess, her husband Wes, and I went to Marineland today so she could try out her new 5D on something different. Wow, has it changed since we were kids! It's definitely a lot smaller now, and it's more geared specifically toward Atlantic bottlenose dolphin conservation and encounters with the dolphins where you can swim with them, work with the trainers for a day, or just feed and pet them. There are several different levels of programs you can participate in, but we chose the general $6 admission so we could get some shots of the dolphins and people in action. I knew Jess was going to steal my thunder with the 5D and her post about this (she deserves it right now, she's got the camera! ha) so I did do a few shots of the dolphins and people, but I also did a bunch of my signature, off-kilter, random oddity shots.

All in all it was a fun, cheap little trip (especially since it's not far from my house at all) and worth the $6 to catch an upclose glimpse of the dolphins. They are amazing up close and I could only imagine what it's like to be in the water with them. Definitely something I want to try!

marineland 9

marineland 10

marineland 13

marineland 8

This guy has a cool job!!!

marineland 12

marineland 11

marineland 14


marineland 5

marineland 2

marineland 6

marineland 7

marineland 4

marineland 3

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Jess Cumbie said...

STEEL THUNDER OH you must be JOKING!!!! These beat the ever livin pants off mine. Miss 300mm zoom I believe vs my 200mm non crop! yeah... you got much much closer to people than I did... OH AND I forgot to move my ISO down from 3200... I kept wondering why my shutter was sooo freaking fast!!!! UGH... I had fun though... but my photos need some work before I post them up... cropping and such... I didn't do a lot of editing to them since they are grainy anyway... so yeah... Yours look MUCH better than mine!