Sunday, October 5, 2008

To clear up the rumors...

It was recently called to my attention that a person in Jacksonville was "using" me to be able to book photo shoots and make a quick buck. This person, a fledgling wannabe photographer with a point & shoot, apparently has told the general public that she is "apprenticing" under me! Flattering, yes, but completely untrue! I suppose she thought my name would get her a step ahead in the game for whatever reason, but I by no means consider myself a "master photographer" capable of training the next shining star. Nor do I have the desire to be idolized as such.

So rest assured, I'm seriously no big deal! ;)

(Yes, I did confront the person about this and explained to her fully how a "photographic assistant" position normally works. And the fact that professional photographers generally don't use point & shoot digicams at photo shoots. And asked that she leave me and my business associates out of her ventures. Hopefully nipped it in the bud!)

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