Friday, November 21, 2008

LG meets the Pocket Wizards!

Part of me felt bad for blinding them last night when they played at Jack Rabbits, since they are used to me shooting them under stage lights only under normal circumstances. They agreed to let me get a little more creative this time and insisted nobody walked away unable to see.

Special thanks to Jess for an extra hand and the pws!

The entire flickr set was quickly emailed to several local bands by Jason Braddock, drummer for Locust Grove. He's my little social networker, I don't know what I'd do without him! He literally knows everybody who is anybody in the local arts and music scene and I have met a ton of cool people through him. I couldn't believe immediate the reaction/responses I got in email to the LG set from last night. Nothing definite is in the works quite yet but there's a chance I'll be shooting now world-famous hardcore metal band Evergreen Terrace! (Cross your fingers, PLEASE!)

Here's the link to the LG flickr set, and following, a couple of my faves.

lg 2

lg 5

I LOVE this shot of Burt! You gotta view the full size to get the full effect...

lg 4

Brandon's on fire.

lg 3

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