Thursday, February 19, 2009


Welcome back to Things I Love Thursday! I'll admit I didn't put much thought into it this week because I've been a bit under the weather. Last Friday, my friend Stacy and I went to the Disturbed show in Jacksonville where I probably picked up some germs in the crowd, and Sunday I had a BT shoot in an abandoned resort hotel on Daytona Beach that was covered in inches of dust and grime, and probably only aggravated things. But I'm slowly feeling better!

Here's my fav things for the week:

:: Crabcakes at Cap's. Dani surprised me for Valentine's Day last week by taking me here. When I was a kid we pretty much grew up fishing and playing in the surf at the jetties, swimming at the old "bulkead" (where the cruise ship terminal now is in Jax!), and eating good Southern, local seafood. My brother and I were salty kids so to speak... we'd get in the car and drive to school, just to turn around and go back home for our surfboards after our parents were gone to work. ;) Dani and I bought a house 5 minutes from the beach and I can't stay out of the local shrimp shack on the corner! I love any laid-back, outdoorsy, "old Florida" style restaurant, and Cap's is definitely that. Even the scenic drive you have to take to get there makes it such a great experience. I recommend the crabcakes and the Key Lime vodka martini! And a little smooch under the dock after dinner. ;)

:: Puscifer in Vegas. Maynard James Keenan's new act, Puscifer, is now a semi-permanent act at The Palms in Las Vegas. I LOOOOOOOVE Vegas and I LOOOOOOVE MJK but unfortunately was too broke to afford WPPI this year. Next year!

:: The Most Dangerous Game. A fictional short story. Mrs. Platte made us read it in 8th grade and I still thank her for it.

:: Irish American Club Presents Amateur Submission and Professional Wrestling at Jax Irish Fest. Irish people love to drink and get rowdy. My brother fits well into this category. He's a semipro MMA fighter but also participates in local grappling tournaments from time to time, which are pretty entertaining. He's currently training with Josh Rutgers of Deadgame Fight School, one of the best in Florida. If you'll be at the Jax Irish Fest, check it out!

:: Rock N Roll Bride. Another awesome blog to subscribe to if you're a wedding/lifestyle photographer! Daily posts that wrangle the best of the best from blogs all over.

:: Girls Day Out. I hadn't seen my mom but a couple of times since Christmas and she came down on Monday and we went "gettin' place" shopping! This is one of our favorite things to do! We hit up all the good thrift stores, consignment shops, outlet stores, and sales! I spent less than $20 and got two brand new pair of shoes! Maybe I'll photoblog my finds tomorrow. :)


BH said...

My computer has been broken. :(

Girls Day Out was fun. :) Love the bargains. And, a special thanks to Dani for lunch. :)

Now for my TiLT. It was pretty much an ordinary Thursday with one interesting exception. While searching through some of Grandma's old papers (and we know there are a lot of those!), for something important. I found her report card from 9th Grade. :):) It seems that she made mostly B's and C's except there was one D. That was in science! (I guess she didn't like dumb shows either....No wait! There were no dumb shows back then!) It was dated 1940-1941. And, signed by her dad. :) Ah...somehow I suspect that this will find it's way to YOUR collectibles one day, T. :) :) :)
There were several other oldies, but goodies, but I just didn't have the time to go through it all. Maybe next time. You never know what treasure is buried there. ;)

Tara, NFC Photography and Makeup Design said...

Did YS break it? :)

That's way cool about the report card, can't wait to see it!

BH said...

No. YS didn't break it. It was the computer at work. LOL