Thursday, March 19, 2009

TILTing again, temporarily!

Back again for some TILT, cause I found some cool things this week! No promises that I'll be on time every week with this by any means... :)

This would purely be a splurge at $299 since I already have a 10 megapixel point and shoot with IS that I pretty well love, but how COOL would it be to take party pics with THIS?! It is true to the original Rolleiflex, complete with waistlevel viewfinder and the film advance crank. Of course it doesn't use film, but the crank is fully functional... you have to turn it to take the next pic! Available @ B&H.

I was at Barnes & Noble this evening, flipping through random design magazines, and originally I came home and typed in this site to look at the Alice glassware that was featured in an article I found. I have a random assortment of Marilyn Monroe and Ed Hardy glasses in the same shape; these would be an awesome addition! (moderately priced, too!)

But I kept clicking... and OMG I would have LOVED these as a kid! I do now!

And these would certainly make me want to drink more water!

I used to work for Benefit Cosmetics and we didn't have this when I was there, even though everyone asked for it. Finally, they've listened! Bad Gal Waterproof! This is hands down THEEEEEEE best mascara out there!

Yeah, I'm on a Rollei kick today. I had no idea they made these either. Supposedly they are around $8.99, but I can't find them online anywhere.

Way cool, modern, surreal, and "awe inspiring spectacles from around the world". I had a gift card that my ubernerd uncle gave me for Christmas that I'd almost forgotten about, so I picked up an issue. I'm going to the Dollar Tree tomorrow to pick up cheap frames... there's some stuff in here definitely worth clipping and sticking around my house!

This is something from there... I don't know, but he kinda reminds me of somebody I know. ;)

(my love.)


BH said...

Well...someone has a birthday coming up soon. Ahem... ;)

SBL said...

Great post!!

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