Friday, August 29, 2008

New goodies!

My personal quote in my senior yearbook from high school says, "Life is like the mail. Sometimes you just don't get it." (Ironic that I saw this in a tiny corner of an ad in a surfing magazine when I was like 16? ;) ) I always liked getting stuff in the mail when I was a kid, though it was few and far between. What kind of mail does a kid get except letters from pen pals? So it was always extra special when something cool arrived, like a package from my great grandma with homemade cookies and peanut brittle! Nowadays I get mail, but it's rarely exciting, never tasty at all, and usually a depressing bill or some junk mail. So you can imagine my excitement when today I got TWO cool things in the mail!

First, my flash upgrade, the 580EX II!

new flash

Then, a little treat from Etsy! I'm an DIY addict and I love Etsy. The other day I happened upon a listing for these way cute Coincards that look like little mini lens caps. They are a tad bigger than a quarter, and hold only limited information, so they are great calling cards. I had NFC Photography and the url to my Flickr account so clients can take a coincard and know where to go for their photos.

coincards 3

They even came with a tiny clear case!

coincards 2



Jess Cumbie said...

I love those coin cards... I can think of another studio that could use them... :D

Yay you got your flash!!!!!! I can sell the 430! woohoo!

OR we use it as a trigger flash... hmmmmmmm thoughts suggestions? email me!

Tara, NFC Photography and Makeup Design said...

I wish my old camera had a sync port and I'd say keep it! Because I've thought about doing a "photobooth" at receptions. Setting up the camera with a tripod, flash, red or blue curtain-like backdrop, and wireless shutter trigger in the corner and let guests go in the "photobooth" and shoot a couple pictures of themselves for the bride and groom's surprise later!