Thursday, August 28, 2008

St. Augustine Beach

A few shots from mid-day sessions at FA.

surftography 7


Look a little closer. (Check out the direction of his board.) This kid had a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Errr boardshorts leg.

surftography 4

surftography 3

surftography 8

surftography 5


BH said...


BH said...

BTW. What lens did you use for this?

Tara, NFC Photography and Makeup Design said...

The Canon 75-300 EF... same one I bought with the Rebel 4 years ago. The detail isn't that great upclose but it works... Some of them were shot from the wall up by the pier and the closer ones were shot from under the pier right down by the water.

Amanda Register said...

I love these shots! Great work!