Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Not much to say about this set. Still trying to get used to the buttons and functions on the new DSLR and Athena was the only willing test subject around. For some reason, before when Jess handed me #2 (her backup) at weddings, I didn't have to think about anything. Now that I actually own this one, I find myself constantly wanting to experiment with it. A Canon is a Canon is a Canon, but I guess I'm just easily amused with new, expensive toys.

Speaking of new and expensive, I fortunately have a boring day job that allows me to do whatever I want, including read the paper (how 'bout that Mom, I'm paying attention to the news!), and I happened upon this article in USA Today this morning.
I'd been wondering to myself for what seems like forever, when will they come out with a DSLR that also shoots video? Not that I use video often... I have a nice video camera and no charger for it and just haven't bothered to pick one up... but looks like Nikon finally did it.

And I loved how they just had to mention in there that rival Canon announced this week that it is introducing the new 50D in October! I haven't done much research on it myself, but from what I've heard so far it's not a far cry from what I have now except it's supposed to have improved low-light shooting quality. I just can't believe I just got this thing a few weeks ago and they announce this!

Anyway, onto the photos of Athena before I start thinking about a trade-in. :)

She jumps on top of the pump house when she's had enough of Piglet biting her ears and ankles. Pig's too short to reach her here so she hangs out until Pig wanders away.

athena 7

athena 4

athena 8

athena 9

athena 6

No diffuse glow in Pshop on any of these. Was shooting with a Sigma lens that's really soft. Sometimes I like it, sometimes it bothers me.


athena 2

athena 3

And a couple of the little (errr big) rascals together. Pig is such a goof. I think she looks like a cat here!

athena 5

It was tricky, but she managed to climb up to Athena. Athena didn't mind though, she greeted her with a smooch.



Jess Cumbie said...

In my best Napoleon Dynamite voice I say... Luucky!

My dogs will NOT do stuff like this for me... however since I just receive my new toy in the mail which is happily mounted on #2 (I named my primary the other day btw... She's Uno) I might be able to get some good shots of them being cute...

I think it might have A LOT to do with how old they are... Jersey will sit and let me get shots of her and be calm but the others are sill right around a year old or just a little over so they are still kinda puppyish...

I can't wait till they are all like 2-3 and life is calm... :)

Tara, NFC Photography & Makeup Design said...

It does have everything to do with how old they are. Athena is creeping up on 5, which is middle age for a dog her size. She was the WORST PUPPY on the planet! So bad! She has definitely taught me a lot about patience! I find when I'm shooting a pet, it's best to just let them go do what they do. Then it becomes my job to get down and dirty on their level. :) Everything comes out so much more natural, and nobdy gets frustrated!