Monday, August 25, 2008

Scarlett's Contest Results!

Jess and I recently entered a photo contest put on by megaphotog Scarlett Lillian. The theme was supposed to be centered around your most fabulous pair of heels and the only stipulation was that you had to include a sign that said "I want to spend a day with Scarlett". The rest was left up to imagination and creativity. I went to Jess' house one evening and we spent forever making my sign out of old wedding prints that had a lot of the color pink (Scarlett's signature color), black Sharpie, and glitzy silver glitter that ended up all over her office floor! We spent another forever out in the yard putting together a full lighting setup near a fallen tree. We had a ton of fun creating our entries, and while neither of us won, we both did win runner-up prizes, a $10 iTunes gift certificate, and I earned the title of "Most Naughty". ;)

Here's my entry:

The grand prize winner, Lyndsay from Pink Coffee Photography, earned a blog design from flosites worth $1,000! The second prize, a free day shooting and learning from Scarlett as your personal mentor, went to Beth of b. mo photo. Congratulations to both of them!


b.mofoto said...

Thank you so much for your congrats. I am so excited. It was totally unexpected. I can't wait to hang with her and just learn so much.

I'm so impressed with your shot...fess up, were you nakey? :)

Tara, NFC Photography & Makeup Design said...

I was NOT a big fan of sitting on that tree in teeny tiny shorts! I also had on a tank top and just pulled the straps down. ;)