Monday, August 25, 2008


Recently an old friend of mine, Chris, called me up in need of a favor on behalf of his co-worker, Melanie. Melanie's boyfriend's birthday was coming up and she wanted to surprise him with something unique for his birthday. He had joked about her doing some "sexy photos" so she decided to do just what he thought she wouldn't do. Melanie originally told me she was interested in doing "pinup/hot rod style" photos with a vintage Cadillac since her boyfriend is very into them. We were on a very strict time limit with the entire shoot and she needed her prints in just a couple of days. You'd think with all the friends and contacts I have in the local car scene, I could have come up with a vintage Caddy, right?! Wrong! I spent the weekend asking around to everyone I could think of and nobody stepped forward with a Caddy, but Melanie loved what we came up with together anyway. I hear her boyfriend is a fan, too. ;)

I also did her hair and makeup. Makeup was a combination of MAC and Benefit, and NYX pearl pigments were used on the eyes. I took a chance buying these a few months back. I don't know much about the company but I got a SUPER deal on these from Ebay... a huge set of pigment shades for about a dollar each. I'm glad I bought them because everyone I've used them on so far has loved them. I originally purchased them to add to my wedding makeup arsenal since they are pearlized shades, and strangely I think I've only used them on one bride so far, but several other regular clients. They are good buy, and come in many more shades. Search "NYX pigments" on Ebay.

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BH said...

Very nice!

I am very proud of you. :) Your work is beautiful. I know where your creative genes and passion for photography comes from. ;)

Can't wait to see what ya'll come up with in the coming months.