Monday, August 25, 2008

Florida Reptile Breeder's Expo

Sunday morning Dani and I got up early and went down to Daytona Beach for the Reptile Expo at the Ocean Center. We're not only freaky dog people, we're also freaky reptile people. I have a completely silly green iguana and a beautiful leopard gecko, and Dani has raised several types of geckoes in the past, in addition to his male breeder New Caledoneon crested gecko that he still has. Dani goes every year, but this was my first year attending and I was really impressed by the size and great prices on the reptiles for sale. Of course there were seeminly 50 standard Ball pythons on every corner, but there were also several rare morphs. I was hoping to find a new carpet python, but was too picky and didn't find one that I absolutely couldn't live without. I had a 10' tiger morph female once. I'll never find another snake like that again. We actually ended up resisting temptation to get a female crested and went home empty handed, save for a few shots of some of the cold-blooded critters on display.

reptile expo

reptile expo 2

reptile expo 9

reptile expo 8

reptile expo 7

reptile expo 6

reptile expo 5

reptile expo 3

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