Monday, August 25, 2008

2nd Annual First Coast Bully Bash

I was surrounded by tons of cool animals this weekend! Animals are one of my greatest passions, especially dogs and reptiles. My husband and I spent some much needed fun time with our rednose pit bull, Piglet, on Saturday. We took her to the First Coast Bully Bash at the Clay Co. Fairgrounds in Green Cove Springs. Things were a bit disorganized as far as the dog show went and we ended up having to leave just after it started so Dani could make it to work on time that afternoon. I did get a few shots of some amazing pits, including my Pig all geared up and ready to go before we left the house. :)

pig geared up

bully bash

bully bash 5

bully bash 3

As we were leaving, we happened upon this amusing little scenario. I didn't know whether to laugh because the puppies were trying so hard to get to the big dog's food while he just ignored them and took his own sweet time eating right in front of them, or to feel sorry for them because they couldn't reach even one little piece! Actually the whole thing made me just want to take them all home with me, but I just took a picture instead.

bully bash 2

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