Friday, August 22, 2008

So I finally have a photoblog!

Who really cares... but I jumped on the bandwagon anyway! 2008 has been a crazy year of change, change, change.

I started off the year deciding that I was going to pursue the freelance makeup artistry side more than photography. I did, and through that move I met the fabulous Jess Cumbie, who has turned out to be my wedding-shooting match made in heaven! I did a few makeup jobs for some clients of hers, and we quickly built an awesome friendship. I realized how much I missed shooting and she invited me onboard as her second shooter. We share very similar ideas and our styles are similar, yet worlds apart, which I believe has contributed to the evolution of our photography and the big plans we will reveal after the first of the year!

In the photography aspect of things, I decided at the first of the year that I wanted to work more on personal projects. Life got a little bit in the way of that and I haven't done too terrible much yet. I got married in April, bought a house in June, and things have been hectic everywhere to say the least. With the change coming in mine and Jess' wedding photography, I was pretty well forced to make the much-needed equipment upgrade to a 30D. I'm enjoying this camera so very much and hope to put it to good use with some interesting projects that will be posted here from here on out.


Jess Cumbie said...

OK firstly choose the Minima Wide one... then do your px to 680 @ 240dpi I what I do mine at... then you'll be dandy... :D

Tara said...

Thanks! Maybe that was my issue, I was saving at 300dpi (print quality) durrrrr.... :) Don't feel like resizing and reuploading everything already posted so I'll do the future ones like that!