Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sephiroth Chorus, 9/12/08

My friend Jack asked me to come out to Jack Rabbits last night and photograph him playing. Jack makes all his own music via electronic devices, is the drummer for band X-Sister Z, works promotions for Nintendo, and is also a Duncan YoYo master! Needless to say he's got a lot going on! If you were following my photography on Myspace last year, you may remember photos of Jack doing yoyo demonstrations at Ozzfest.

door must remain closed

sephiroth chorus 4

Jack uses an old telephone as a microphone in one of his songs. It sounds cool!

sephiroth chorus 2

This one was way underexposed, but sometimes those are salvagable in b&w.

sephiroth chorus 3

Monica snapping a pic on Burt's iPhone.

iphone 2

That thing even has a built in keyboard!!


Dani and Burt. Well, their goatees anyway.

sephiroth chorus

I love Ken's inherent ability to accessorize freakishly!

kens plastic glasses

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