Friday, September 12, 2008

A very important announcement!

Without divulging too many details, I need to explain a little something.

Starting October 1, I will no longer be able to offer "freebie" shoots to my friends.
Very soon, my photography project, NFC, and Jess Cumbie Photography will be joining forces as a new boutique photography studio in Northeast Florida. As you know, starting a business is by no means free or cheap! I don't feel it's necessary to be a complete snob about it, so I'll just ask that if you respect my work as a photographer, please respect me as well and do not ask me for a free shoot.
This is absolutely nothing personal!!! Please understand that, and know that I will not be making very much money at all from this. I am just trying to pay for a new website and some ad space! :) Beginning October 1, I will be booking exclusive-rate sessions at a special price for the new studio. The only catch is, you must sign a release form stating that you won't publicly release your photos (ie.
posting them on Myspace or other websites where they will be visible to others) until the studio officially opens! Pretty easy, right?

You're probably thinking "pssshhh... I'll just go on to my other friend with a digital SLR..." but the fact is, just because you own a camera, that doesn't make you a photographer! So what can you expect from this that I can't offer you personally right now?

* This won't be your typical style of photography that you see every day. Don't expect posed "backdrop portraits" where you sit on a stool and say cheese.
You want stunning photography, outstanding quality, and a guaranteed good time (that's what it's all about anyway!), come play with us on the streets downtown for an afternoon, trash your wedding dress in the junkyard, or book a sensual shoot with our exclusive hotel room package! Ultimately we want to create with AND for you! You'll walk away with photos that will make everyone Ooooh and Ahhhh.

* Superior editing ("airbrushing", "pinching", etc) that I currently do not offer, for an absolutely stunning quality finish.

* Online proofing and low print prices with the convenience of ordering directly from our website.

* Completely customized hardbound story books with flush printed pages filled with photos from your session.

* Gallery wrap canvas enlargements.

*Lotsssss of other printed products from your images.

* TRULY UNIQUE photography with that fresh and edgy look you want that will make you look twice.

Think of it as us reinventing the "portrait session" wheel, if you will.
Jess and I aren't ones to follow many rules, so let's break some together!

FOR AN EXTREMELY LIMITED TIME I will be booking sessions starting at just $100, beginning on October 1st.
Now is the time to get in on this deal and help us kick off our new business at the first of the year! We promise you're gonna love it!

Please contact me asap if you're interested in booking a shoot. Sessions are limited to: individual sessions, sensual sessions, pet and pet/people sessions, couples, engagements, bridals, trash the dress, and bands/music artists. (Please contact me about weddings if that's something you're interested in, more on that later!) Dates are very limited! A SINCERE thank you for understanding and for your support! I'm looking forward to creating great images with you.

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Stacey said...

Hi there, i stumbled across your blog and am interested to know more about this offer. I didn't see a link to email you, but you can reach me at
stacey at megamodelsmiami dot com

i have a good friend in st augustine who's baby is turning 1 this month, i thought a session with you would make an awesome gift