Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday, 9/3/08 pt. 2

My friend Chrissy brought her 9 month old, Eric, over to play in front of the camera today. We just looove making him do ridiculous things just for a great photo and he's going to hate us for it someday! He is such a good baby. He never cries and is always in a great mood. Here's a photo I took of Eric back in May or June. We didn't pose this at all. He did this entirely on his own!

He has learned how to crawl since I last took his pictures, and boy was he all over the place today! He laid down for a nap about halfway through our session today and when he woke up we took him out to my back porch to get some sun and to see my dogs. He was so fascinated by them! He can stand and hold onto things, so he was standing at the screen door giggling his little butt off as Piglet did her "laughing" face and yipped at him from the other side. I wish I would have gotten that photo but I was holding onto him to make sure he didn't fall. I was afraid that the dogs would scare him since they are much bigger than him but they barked at him playfully and he just laughed and laughed right back at them. Just about everything is funny to him. Hence why he didn't mind this photo at all...

Now let me preface this by saying that no babies were harmed in the making of this photo! I'm aware that it may raise some eyebrows and may look like a poster shot for a child abuse hotline, but let me explain! Chrissy likes to shop at a trendy children's boutique downtown called Rock the Cradle. They carry new and consignment clothing and furniture for HIP children from names like Dickies and Knuckleheads. She recently picked up this Johnny Cash striped onesie for Eric that says "Folsom Prison" on the front! Too rad! (He also has a collection of Bob Marley onesies!) So I knew we HAD to find a place with some bars to shoot him behind. When I said this, Chrissy was standing in my living room facing Piglet's crate in the corner. She said, "We can stick him in the dog crate!"

eric 6

I have to say he did not mind AT ALL and was playing in there with his Rupert (teddy bear) just like he would in a playpen. (And my Pig is a cleeeean dog!) :)

Now, on to the rest. The next one was an accident, during exposure testing before we even got started. He was soooo fascinated by the lens and wouldn't sit still. He just haaad to crawl toward me every time with big, giant eyes!


He had quite an audience. Somehow all our friends in the neighborhood caught wind that he was there for pictures and had to come watch. He's not a shy one though, nudies were not a problem for Mr. Wilson!

eric 5

Chrissy better save this one. They don't stay this innocent forever. :)

eric 7

eric 4

eric 3

eric 2

eric 8


Jess Cumbie said...

totally awesome my friend!!!

christina said...

Once again you have made me proud.
Thank you for capturing these moments that I want to hold onto forever.....NFC style.
Your the best!!

BH said...

Those are so special. :) The baby is so precious. He has the most beautiful eyes (just like my babies did, I might add ;)). You captured his playful nature perfectly! :)

Tara, NFC Photography and Makeup Design said...

Jess - Thanks!! Got to play with some new lighting setups but broke my friggin sync cord off on the port on the side of the camera in the process! Grrr.... ordered a new one so I should have it in a week... (I know, should have just ordered a PW and been done with it!)

Chrissy - You are so very welcome!! You know I love him to death... can't wait for Halloween photos! ;)

Mom - Awww. :) :) :) Thank you!!