Monday, October 13, 2008

Accidents happen...

Saturday was one of the longest days of my life. Jess and I had planned to meet up for lunch and get some sushi, something light before our afternoon/evening shoot so we didn't look fat on camera while we were being filmed for our promo video! Went to two different places (the only places in this town that I know of to get sushi from) and neither were open until dinner. So, on to Chili's. *shrug*

Jess was already in a bad mood because of a spat with her hubby (love ya, Wes!!) and I couldn't find anything to wear. Of course. Then one of our models doesn't show and after waiting on her for about 45 minutes we decided to just go for it and dive in.

Earlier in the week, Dani and I spent a couple of hours driving around and walking around downtown, scoping unique places to shoot. Go ahead, say St. Augustine is a unique enough place to shoot to begin with. Nuh uh. Breaking Tradition Studios is all about NOT looking like what the rest of you photogs have been up to lately. ;) I mean that in the dearest way possible, promise! I had mapped it all out on a little tourist trail map from the hotel (these locs ARE fairly accessbile!) so we hit the outskirts of town first. Of course I completely forgot to tell the girls that there was nowhere to change out there, so we ended up parking behind Luke's work so they could change in the backseat of the car! Dani's humble Nissan Altima from there forth became the mobile changing room. I promise, we HAVE done this before! LOL

Luke came along to film us for our promo video and get some behind the scenes footage of us working with our models. Luke's camera, however, wasn't feeling up to it right away, and the batteries were dead. He and Dani stayed behind to charge the battery for an hour. That gave everyone a chance to relax and get in the groove a little better, so by the time they finally arrived we were at loc #2 and things were going really smooth.

We get to the place with the big red thing (all shall be revealed soon!) and realize that the people that work there really must never go home. It was nearing 6pm on a Saturday afternoon and there were still guys roaming about and a man doing some fiberglass work in an open workshop just on the other side of the big red thing. We debated for a moment whether we were going in or not, until I grabbed my gear and hopped the fence. Everyone else followed suit, so we decided to shoot quickly and get the hell out! Emily got super brave and climbed up on the big red thing. We realized if we followed the fenceline, we could get out in the grassy center on the other side of some hills and nobody could see us. We shot for about 5 more minutes in the grass and hauled it to the next location.

Good times are rollin' and Luke's camera dies again, so we played around on the railroad tracks some while he went to get another camera from a friend. At that point I realize that I didn't bring any more CF cards with me and the one in the camera is almost full. Jess' first CF is full and she was then switching to her 2nd, and only spare. Luckily I had time to go through and delete about half of what I'd shot, the not so hot ones, while we were waiting on Luke.

On to downtown. Grabbed some crack from the corner fudge shop. Errrr lemonade. Jess calls it crack because it's really really really addictive. Everything else goes great downtown, then we go to the secret tunnel. Spiders everywhere. No breeze. Stifling, and we are all pretty tired from walking around so much at this point. Ended it with some super tunnel shots and everyone headed back to the rendevous point at my house.

I was in front with Jess P. and Emily in the car with me. Luke and Dani were driving behind me, then Jess and Kati stopped for gas and were behind everyone else. I had just gotten inside the house and put my stuff down when Jess called and said that Luke and Dani had been in a wreck turning into our neighborhood. She said they were ok, but we rushed up the street anyway. This is what we saw when we got there:

They were turning into the neighborhood when an oncoming Ford Ranger plowed into the front of them at about 55mph we are guessing. Dani was pinned inside the car on the passenger side and Luke had to pull him out of the window. Luke is now OK for the most part except a sore leg from the center console bursting outward. Dani on the other hand... his noggin took a nice hit on the a-pillar and he has a bad bruise across his head. He had glass in his elbow, his neck is stiff, and his chest hurts where the airbag hit him. He actually did not have his seat belt on, but his collarbone would have been crushed if he had been wearing it.

This is all that happened to the Ranger that hit them. Somehow the passenger ended up being taken to the hospital on a backboard and had a broken nose. She most definitely wasn't wearing her seat belt, but of course it worked out completely differently for her. I'm still on the fence about those, and airbags. (But I do still wear mine.)

I'm lucky my husband is still alive. Had he been hit another foot or two back, he would have been either seriously injured or killed.

What a way to end a huge production!!! Of course, leave it to me and one of my crazy adventures. I feel bad since I convinced Luke to come out and film us, otherwise he wouldn't have even been turning that corner then.

Then again, the kid that hit them didn't have to be texting on his cell phone while driving, either.

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BH said...

This could have been so much worse. (The other vehicle could have been larger. It could have hit the car that Dani was in at a different angle, etc.)

I am so thankful that it wasn't. :)