Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Lions are found!

Dani and I went on an excursion through St. A this morning so I could map out a game plan for our big Breaking Tradition models shoot this Saturday. I was looking for unique places that every other photographer in northeast Florida doesn't take their subjects to in St. Augustine. For example: I think we are leaving St. George Street entirely off the list of stops this time. I'm over seeing it everywhere! Lucky me, my husband pretty much grew up in St. A and was allowed to actually leave the house as a kid and ride his bike around (I wasn't, but I grew up in Jacksonville), so he took me to some amazing spots that I guarantee nobody else knows of or has shot at yet!

I know this is very very vague, but this is what we'll have to cross to get to this spot that is going to be KILLER! (The big red thing behind the fence is NOT a building.)

new places to shoot

I'll give you a hint! If you know where the famous lions from St. Augustine's Bridge of Lions are being stored during the bridge restoration, you can find this place fairly easily! We were surprised when we rolled by this huge warehouse with the doors open and saw this inside!:

we found the lions

Definitely off the beaten path of tradition, downtown St. Augustine. ;) I can't wait to share what we create this weekend. Stay tuned next week for a sneak preview.

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BH said...

Wow!!!! That is so cool!!! I just love those lions. :)