Thursday, January 15, 2009


I could spend HOOOOUUURRRSSSS on Polyvore! I saw a few posts recently on some blogs I follow, where the blog owners had gotten addicted to Polyvore and created a few sets and posted them to give their readers a little more insight into who they are and their personality. I kept seeing these little photo sets in these blogs and finally read a drescription of Polyvore yesterday and had to try it out for myself. In short, it's an online virtual mall that carries items from just about any store you'd want to visit in the mall, and then some. (You can even shop furniture & housewares.) It searches a ton of web sites under different categories and even lets you narrow your search down to color preference. Creating the sets is super easy. I picked a couple of themes, then just started browsing the categories. When a particular item popped in my head, I searched that keyword and found lots of results. You just drag the item from the results list over to the set, and you can adjust each item's size and arrange layers. By clicking on each item, you get info directly from the web site where the item is for sale and can purchase then and there.

The first set I created was with a particular art opening in mind. ;)

Out Fancy
Out Fancy by shogirl94

Okay, so my closet is admittedly predominantly black. I love black anything. Universally flattering and blah blah blah. With the exception of different color streaks, my hair has been black for quite a few years now and probably won't be changing. I've found my signature color! I'm also a big fan of vintage stuffs and art deco style, and, of course, SHOES. Black and white ANYTHING is also good to me. :) The ring on the left reminds me of a microphone, and the camera ring is a steal at 8 bucks! I was surprised to find the little button face earrings; I recently bought a set of buttons just like those but in red and white and glued them to hair pins. Love them!


Spring Break isn't too far off on the horizon, which means.... drum roll please.... CAR SHOW SEASON! (Big HOORAY!) The first Florida Billetproof show was last March in Ocala and they had to turn cars away at the gates because they had such a large turnout. The staff has reworked the layout this year and plans to be able to pack up to 600 cars in the gates this time! Can't wait! And of course there's the infamous Viva Las Vegas show in April, where my husband Dani and I got married last year! We won't be making it out there this year for our anniversary since Jess and I have a destination wedding to shoot that same weekend, but I can't waaaaaait for next year! Someday I hope to build this car by hand myself, a '34 Ford Coupe, and drive it to Vegas for Viva. Maybe by the time I can afford that, I'll be able to afford the 5D MK2 as well. ;)

Car Show
Car Show by shogirl94

Last year it was rainy and icky through most of the day at Billetproof. I have acquired quite the collection of black umbrellas, but this one is totally up my alley and way more fun! A Gibson Les Paul classic, I need not explain this one! (It's tattooed on my leg!) I haven't heard the Digitech Hot Rod distortion pedal in action, but my guess is that it's a real classic, old school rock n roll sound. I may not need this after all... Dani has a vintage 1969 Sunn amp in perfect working condition that creates true sound to any style from Elvis to Hendrix. LOOOVE! Such a cool pair of Chucks... these are the "metal" model, and have little drawings of guitars and skulls! She-Laq... never leave home in the summer without it! Waterproofs everything from eye makeup to lipliner and makes it last ALL day. I also already have the big fuschia flower for my hair. Since everything else is black and white for me usually, I like to stick something fun in my hair or wear or carry a colorful accessory. Dani bought me a vintage hand-pinstriped purse at Viva last year. It's in such perfect shape that I rarely carry it because I'm afraid I'll scratch it but I love it! Yeah, and what hot rod show is complete without PBR?!

Go check out Polyvore and let's get a little glimpse into your style!

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