Saturday, February 28, 2009

Things I Love, Friday Edition! Shooting at the FOP Range

My good friend and awesome occasional lighting assistant, Eloise, called me yesterday and invited Dani and I to go shooting this morning with her and her father at the private Fraternal Order of Police shooting range in St. Augustine. So I purposefully skipped out on Things I Love Thursday, yesterday, because she and I ran all over this side of town last night looking for ammunition at the last minute.

I won't get into political things here (just yet, haha), but YES, Obama's presidency has already had a drastic effect on firearms and ammunition! Literally, Walmart was wiped CLEAN of any handgun ammo. Plenty of shotgun shells, but the threat of tighter gun laws is already making an impact in a big way. Prices are up at least $10 a box at most places, if you can even find it. We ended up finding what we needed at Gander Mountain this morning, but they were running pretty short.

We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather this morning!

fop range 001-2

fop range 003-2

fop range 004-2

fop range 012-2

I managed to get some great action shots of everybody.

fop range 026-2

This is Dani shooting my Springfield XD40 Subcompact .40 cal. I think it's cute that his bullets are peeking out of his shirtsleeve. ;)

fop range 047-2

fop range 058-2

fop range 116-2

fop range 100-2

fop range 179-2

fop range 189-2

Yes, Mr. Dodd has quite the arsenal.... Eloise shot some with his camera too. Can't wait to see those!

fop range 066-2

fop range 072-2

fop range 056-2

fop range 055-2

fop range 078-2

fop range 074-2

This lever action shot .38 rounds and was smooth as butter! Loved it!

fop range 107-2

fop range 122-2

fop range 216-2

fop range 206-2

The bottom half of the target was blowing upward in the wind. I didn't want to wait on it, so he took two .45 rounds to the head from a 1911 at 30 yards. My daddy taught me well. ;)

fop range 186-2

And lastly, Dani got this oh-so-true-to-my-crazy-personality shot when we got back home before cleaning the Springfield .40's. :)


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