Monday, March 2, 2009

The Architect Sound, Sneak Preview (and some news on the planeyard!)

I shot a live set for The Architect Sound last weekend in Jacksonville and we set up a very impromptu band shoot in the planeyard for this past Saturday evening. My friend Emily said some friends of hers were shooting in the planeyard Friday night and were approached by the owner, who informed them that they could finish up their shoot but he was going to shut the whole place down this weekend and the entire place, planes and all, were going up for sale. He was sick of people coming in and defacing the planes and stealing things off them. I contacted Eric from the band and let him know this was the last chance! When we arrived at the planeyard late the next afternoon, the entire place was already fenced off with barbed wire and there were no trespassing signs everywhere. We were a day too late but we didn't let it stop us.

This was the first time I've been caught by the cops shooting in a "no trespassing" place. :) How I got away with it for this long is beyond me. Luckily we were all able to sweet talk them into letting us go and we finished this band shoot up with a bang if I do say so myself. More to come!

the architect sound

Sorry, my blog isn't formatted to show large photos width-wise (yet) so this really does no justice! Check out the band at

Oh, and one last thing! The NFC myspace page is getting a complete makeover this week, so if you have any photos there in my albums that you'd like to save, do it now! Some may make an eventual reappearance but I can't make any guarantees on anything.

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