Thursday, February 12, 2009

Welcome to Things I Love Thursday!

Something told me it's about time to take a time-out and appreciate some stuff! The economy sucks and we're being forced to stay home and entertain ourselves (Mom knows I'm TERRIBLE at this!), we sold our TV yesterday and we didn't have cable or satellite anyway, so... I poke around on the internet a lot. And I have a verrrrrrry long blog reading list that I check multiple times daily. Some people are addicted to twittering and whatnot, I'm addicted to reading things on the internet all by my lonesome all day long, and for the most part I'm fairly content with that. :) And what better way to entertain myself and the rest of my oh, 7 blog readers, than to share my finds and current obsessions. So here's the first installment of Things I Love Thursday. :)

:: Pandora Radio. A new kind of internet radio that plays only music you like! You pick an artist or song and the site will create a station for you based many factors in the style of music you've selected. It plays only similar songs and artists, but also allows you to completely customize your stations to include any artist you want to add. You can also tell it not to play a certain artist or song ever again, or to put it on the shelf and not play it for a month. I have discovered a lot of awesome music here that I'd never have heard of otherwise. I literally never listen to the regular radio anymore, even in the car. I find what I like on Pandora, download it, and listen to the CDs in the car.

:: MAC just released a new Hellow Kitty line!!! MUST have Too Dolly eyeshadow next payday!

:: Meatloaf inside bread. Yeah, might sound a little strange... our roommate Greg brought over a huge box of recipes that I sat and went through the other night before going to the grocery store. This was the closest recipe I could find online, but even I deviated a bit from the recipe on the card. I used an "everything" loaf, made my meatloaf mixture like I normally do, stuffed the bread, topped it with strips of bell pepper, wrapped it in foil and baked it, then added cheese to the top near the end of baking. The boys LOVED it!

:: Talk Show with Spike Feresten. Until we sold our TV yesterday, this was a great reason to stay home on Saturday nights! I like that I can catch up on what's going on the world with who and still be hilariously entertained at the same time.

:: P-Dubs. I FINALLY ordered myself some and UPS tracking says they'll be here tomorrow! Just in time because I'm shooting The Architect Sound at Jack Rabbits next week. And we all know the lighting sucks in there.

:: Gala Darling. The entire inspiration behind Things I Love Thursdays... she started it a few years ago and I've been loving it weekly ever since. Her blog is by far one of the best I follow. There's not much I don't love about her... how can I not appreciate hot pink hair, a self-proclaimed nomad (I used to be bad about moving around alot :) ), and someone that unabashedly shares a love for dressing up, kissing, and BIG shoes?! :D Oh, and the cupcakes!

So what are you lovin' on this week?


pinkcoffee photoart said...

okay, I've never EVER had meatloaf inside bread. it sounds like something my husband would love though!

about the photogs meetup, just come if you can. i don't really need a definite number-i just want to get an idea of people. i'd love to meet you!!

BH said...

You never watch TV anyway. ;)

I missed "Thursday", but here are my post Thursday comments.

The meatloaf sounds really good, but really high it fat and carbs. (The stuff guys love.) May have to try just the meatloaf recipe sans bread.

You know that Loreal has a line of eyeshadows called HiP which is really similar to Mac at a fraction of the price.

Reasons I love Thursday (yesterday's edition)

The weather was gorgeous!
Fans & Stoves (Went there and didn't buy a thing, but they have some awesome sales right now.)
Free Clinique goodie bag! (A friend and co-worker bought a product and gave me her free goodie bag since she already had one like it from another purchase...mascara, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, eye cream and brushes! And, a cute case! I'm sure all this loot would have cost me at least $100! Pretty generous sizes too. I have never used Clinique, but I really like the eye shadow. :))

Lastly, here's today's verse which seems to pretty well sum it all up. Being content with what you have. :) "I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through Him who gives me strength" Philippians 4: 12-13

Happy Friday!!!

Abby said...

i L-L-Love pandora. I do the same with the dl-ing->making cds bit. Also, I became a strict vegetarian Jan 1 so I check out daily because they have a daily food blog on there. I also check out,, and Enjoy!