Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Super Cheap Wedding Photography Offer - Jacksonville & Destination Weddings!

I'm working on a brand new web site and I need a couple of kickass weddings for it!

Here's the (oh so sweet) deal! THIS OFFER IS EXTREMELY LIMITED and only couples planning a truly fun and untraditional wedding will be considered!!! Sounds like you? Read on!

If you are getting married SOON (between now and May), you are planning a unique, non-traditional, and otherwise awesome wedding, and you do not yet have a wedding photographer, let's talk! This is also a super deal for kickass couples on a tight budget. I will shoot your wedding day for a maximum of six hours and you'll get a CD of all your edited wedding day photos approximately 4-6 weeks after the event. You'll also get printing rights to all your photos. The cost? I'm simply charging a flat rate of $100 to cover the cost of making your CD and shipping it to you. I use UPS so it's slightly more expensive but worth it! Yeah, that doesn't quite add up to $100, but the leftover change is going to fund my web site (hey, these things aren't cheap! and did you see the preview yet?!), and I charge the current government rate for mileage to travel to your location(s) and back. Pretty simple huh! All you have to do is agree for your wedding day photos to be used on my website and in my marketing material!

TO BE CONSIDERED: Leave me a comment here, or send an email to, and tell me:

::your wedding date/time
::your wedding location
::your reception location
::your wedding colors, or "theme" , if any
::number of guests invited
::what exactly is going to set YOUR wedding apart from the rest??
::be sure to attach a photo of the two of you to your email!

Only really badass couples not afraid of untypical wedding photography and planning something truly cool need apply!

Feel free to repost or forward if you think anyone you know might be interested!

(A little side info: I am located in St. Augustine, FL but will travel pretty much ANYWHERE for your wedding if you're willing to pay the current mileage rate within driving distance, or airfare outside of my area.)


Anonymous said...

um.. I'll re-marry my husband! LOL! what a great opportunity for brides! I hope you get some awesome couples with just as awesome weddings!!

Tara said...

I'm also wanting to do some offbeat bridals! Do you still have your dress?