Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NE Florida Pro Photographers Posing Day

A couple of weeks ago when we had our superfun, girls-only photographer's meetup, Lyndsay and I chatted a bit about setting up a date for us all to get back together and practice posing techniques, as well as learn some new things. I'm willing to put together/host the next date, but I need a little input from you guys!

I think we deducted that we're all mostly portrait and wedding photographers, so I think it would be great to get an actual couple together to model for us, especially with the 2009 wedding season right in front of us! I'm sure Jess and I could talk to some of our past couples from Jess Cumbie Photography, or do any of you have any SUPERHOT couples that you've shot in the past and know would be down for it? OR I can head over to Model Mayhem and scout some people, but I think we're probably better off with past clients, since they've obviously been similarly shot before, and the brides most likely still have their dresses.

I'm interested in keeping it somewhat small again, maybe limiting the group to 10 or 15 photographers so as not to overwhelm the couple, and it would be a pro-only day. (I know, we still need to put together something for the fledglings, too!) The main focus will be practicing posing and interacting with your subjects, and it's a great time to try out some new poses you've been wanting to try. I'd love for it to be very hands-on and group-oriented, for example, everyone getting in there and posing the couple at least once or twice in their own style. I think Sundays work best for everyone right now. So how is Sunday, April 19th for you guys, if we can find a couple to model before then?

I'm also interested in putting together a Lighting Day to practice lighting techniques and learn or invent new ones. Would anyone else be interested in that as well?

Leave your comments and let me know what you think! Looking forward to getting back together with you all real soon!

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Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

I will be in New Orleans for 2 wks so I won't be able to make that date. But would love to the next time.