Friday, March 13, 2009

My new web site! Sneak preview!

If this link works for you, please check it out and let me know what you think! It's just in draft stages right now so you'll occasionally see a little blue box that says "preview" float across the screen. Ignore it.

Yes, some of the content is older stuff that most everyone has seen already but I'm working on some awesome new stuff at the moment so eventually all that is going to be wiped out and replaced. Just something to look at for now!

Oh, and I guess I should mention... it does have BOOBIES, so if you're at work, make sure the boss ain't lookin! :)


Melanie Watson said...

Wow Tara the new site looks great!!!! Brad was looking over my shoulder and the minute boobies appeared he was all about looking at the site too. haha... Okay so maybe it wasn't all about the boobers, but he said and I quote "wow... I'm impressed with her lighting." High fives girl. I love everything you are cooking up. Keep it up. :)

Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

Wow, I love it. That first image is powerful. I wish I could shoot images like this. People I know would just think I was crazier than they already do. The first image is powerful and I love the lighting throughout. Awesome Tara!! If you ever need a second shooter I am there. hehe...