Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Letting the cat out of the bag... and some new ART FOR SALE!

I won't run off with a million boring details, but things are changing! Jess and I are restructuring Breaking Tradition Studios a bit to allow for a bit more freedom. I'm still going to be booking shoots with Breaking Tradition on a requested basis... so if you want a BT style shoot by me, we can still do it!

That said, with Dani's help, I'm nudging NFC Photography forward just a bit too. I'm restructuring things around here as well. NFC Photography will now be branching off as trigger happy (conceptual photography.) too. So as not to confuse everyone... I'm still shooting for the local music scene and all things "go" (automotive photography), and still shooting weddings for Jess, but trigger happy is being added on for my more artful and edgy work. Long story short, some of my recent work has just not found a place within Breaking Tradition Studios or even what NFC has become (rods & live rock n roll), hence the start of trigger happy. Everything trigger happy will be portraits revolving around real and surreal concepts, daydreaming... in sum, a visual "made you look" through creativity and the use of darkness and light and all it's encompassing values. I'll be producing a series of photographic art pieces that will be on display at galleries in northeast Florida beginning in June, and some pieces will also be available for purchase online and at Art Walk. I'm currently working on an actual web site now which will be up and running soon. Until then, here's the temp site (that I'm also still working on! doh!): Eventually I would love to invite in a revolving door of creative minds (other photographers, graphic designers, fashion designers, musicians, visual artists) to collaborate on projects that may eventually push trigger happy beyond just conceptual portrait and gallery art photography. It's all about exploration and not wasting your creative brain cells. (Science proves brain cells deplete regularly and they DO NOT reproduce!) :)

On the NFC side of things, I'll be moving a teeny bit forward with that too. I'll be accepting portrait and wedding commissions soon by me lonesome, which I was doing before just not very actively at all since Jess and I were so busy. I'm also now shooting weddings for award-winning wedding photographer Naomi Williams. I'm excited to shoot my first wedding alongside her associate, Megan, this weekend! As soon as my web site is complete, I'll be announcing new portrait and wedding investments.

For now... hang tight and check out some of the art I've been working on on the side. I have a new series called Burn, that will be debuting at Art Walk (Jacksonville) soon. These are one off pieces, you own the original! I won't be reproducing these images in the same way ever again. You can read more about and purchase the first piece in the series here.

Burn Series #1 trigger happy (conceptual photography.)


Amanda Register said...

This is so awesome Tara. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

BH said...

You go girl! :)