Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday, 9/1/08

Jess is doing a personal project this month where she is shooting something different every day and posting at least five photos to her blog as sort of a "day in the life of" creativity project. I thought about doing this way back at the first of the year but was so busy I knew I'd never finish a whole month at the time. I actually wanted to do a whole year! That would have never happened and I'm glad I didn't try to commit to that! Anyway, she told me about her idea the other day and I decided it was a good time for me to go ahead and try it out too. I think it'll be fun to compare our blogs each day and see what is similar and what is completely different about how we see things, what we decide to shoot, and what is going on in our lives. (And I figured that if anyone was going to copycat her, I'd be the first person she'd forgive!) ;)

I'm not going to go by the 5 pics a day rule... just whatever happens to be good enough to post. Sometimes there might be just one photo for the day, sometimes there might be 20. We'll see! That's the fun part!

So here is my first day's entry. Totally not what I went down to this spot for, but I liked these shots much better than all the other ones I did. Dani and I try to go on evening bike rides around our neighborhood as much as possible. It's hard not to stop everywhere though! There are so many beautiful places here and we are right on the intracoastal. Some of the residents have put swings in the trees in different areas all along the water and it's nice to stop and swing for a minute or sit on the grass and look out over the water and listen to the ocean. Yes, we can actually hear the ocean waves crashing from this spot!

This was one of my crazy light painting experiments. 20 seconds at f/4.0, ISO 500, and I was camera right firing at the water and grass in the backround with my 580EX II on 1/2 power. The flash helped expose the background, and since I somewhat behind the distance of the tree, the tree appears backlit. I think I hit the background maybe 4 to 5 times during the exposure.

intracoastal at night

Pretty much the same idea with this one, except no backlit main subject and the shutter speed was 10 seconds, ISO 160, flash on full power and fired 2 or 3 times, camera right. (Note: the beam of white light near the top right, NOT the brightest one on the right but the whiter one to the left of it, is the St. Augustine lighthouse.)

intracoastal at night 2

And this last one was a complete accident, but I had to post it because I thought it was creepy/cool. :)


Not bad for day one. I managed to stub my pinky toe on the bathroom door earlier today and I think I broke it. My whole foot is swollen and it's black and blue. Supposed to go to Jax for day two tomorrow, but I don't know how that's going to turn out because the entire project involves walking downtown. Stay tuned... we shall see!


Jess Cumbie said...

Ummmm when I did Priscilla's stuff downtown the other day we drove everywhere and hopped out where we wanted to... if you want to drive here, I'll steal the jeep from Wes! :D OH if it comes down to it you can sit in the back, we'll put the hatchback type trunk up and you can just sit there and shoot... I'll just back into everything... kinda like a huge overgrown air conditioned wheel chair!

Amanda Register said...

I love these shots! and I love the idea of "A day in the love of.." that you and Jess are doing. I like seeing how other people view things and what they have to say.